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Multilingual Content Marketing for International Audiences

Friday, September 2nd, 2011

Just read a great piece by Christian Arno of Lingo24 posted on the Content Marketing Institute website that definitely jibes with our recent experience.

We’re doing more and more multi-lingual work as our clients with international audiences realize that the need to “speak to clients in their own language” isn’t just metaphorical advice.

(There’s some sort of commentary on the U.S.’s deteriorating position in the global economy wrapped up in the growing importance of localizing content, but that’s another story.)

Many ways to achieve good multilingual support. Google Translate is a nice tool. It’s certainly cost effective, and it shows you care enough to make an effort, but it’s a token effort. The translation quality is not as good as human translation.

That’s where local writers, and more importantly, local marketers, shine. They are key to re-crafting your message to resonate with the target audience by avoiding potential faux pas and eliminating awkward or stilted phrasing.

That stilted phrasing can have an effect on localized SEO efforts, so in addition to a strong local marketing team, you’ll want to work with localized SEO help, too.


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