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Tuesday, September 20th, 2011

40% of marketers rely on a single marketing channel according to a recent Pitney Bowes survey. That’s great news for the other 60%, but it represents a real lost opportunity for those who choose to stick with just one channel.

I’m sure there’s no small share of those 40% who stick with what they’re doing because it’s always what they’ve been doing, they have other things to worry about, and it ain’t obviously and apparently broke, so why fix it.

But I’ve also spoken to some who feel that there’s no reason to do more than one and, in fact, multiple channels might be counter-productive. After all, how much content can you generate, and repeating the same content over and over will turn people off.

Maybe, but here’s a little secret: No-one, not even your mom, reads your blog, your website, your email newsletter, and your Twitter feed. OK, if your first name rhymes with Seth and your last name rhymes with Godin, your mom – and others – probably read everything you publish.

For the rest of us, multiple feeds is the way to reach your audience where they’re comfortable. And that’s the goal – to reach them when they’re receptive to your message.

Here’s an example. We all have days when there’s just too much going on, and anything – anything – you can get out of your way quickly you will get out of your way quickly. That’s a bad day to be an email marketer. Your email message, even if it’s a great offer appropriately targeted, may wind up in the trash unread just because of all the noise surrounding it. That same person may be much more receptive when she’s winding down her day with her iPad and comes across your blog feed.

And there can be a multiplier effect when you use social media outlets along with your content publication (whether website or blog) to draw further attention. That person winding down with her iPad may be catching up with friends on Facebook when she sees your message …

I always recommend against biting off more than you can chew. If one channel is all you can handle now, get started. One is better than none, as long as whatever you do, you do well. But your results will improve as soon as you can devote resources to additional channels. The improvement will be worth the additional costs.

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