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More On Email Marketing – It Still Delivers

Friday, April 27th, 2012

Email marketing still works.

As I posted a few weeks ago, far more people send and read email than watch videos, use social media, or read blogs.

B To B Online has just published research that backs this up.

As their pull quote puts it, “Email marketing is considered the workhorse of b-to-b marketing… email remains the bedrock of customer communications, transactional messages, and lead generation.”

I think this comes down to mindset – even for the younger generation of “digital natives.” That  mindset is that most people view social media as a social place. A cocktail party. Perhaps even a bit of a free-for-all. And though people every once in a while say something publicly they wish they hadn’t, usually they draw a pretty bright line between things they’ll discuss publicly and things that are more private in nature.

Email is the private counterpart to social media’s public communication.

Marketers can profit from that mindset by using email marketing to create the immediacy and, in some cases, intimacy, that is out of place in social media. More personal messages, messages with content segmented to tightly address a recipient’s needs, are going to perform better here than general messages, and will perform better in email than in social media, where the immediacy can be lost.

Email still works, and marketers who are ignoring it in favor of social media are leaving a lot on the table.

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