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Monopoly’s Content Marketing Genius

Friday, February 8th, 2013

A quick, fun bit of content marketing news as we in the northeast wait for Nemo The Snowpocalypse to arrive.

Monopoly moves into phase two of one of the best content marketing campaigns in recent memory. A few weeks ago they invited fans to vote for the Monopoly game piece they most wanted to save. The piece receiving the fewest votes would be out. While they were at it, fans could also vote for one of eight potential new pieces.

The world has spoken: the iron is out and the cat is in. 

Phase two is the limited time during which you can buy a version of the game with all the old pieces – including the iron – and all the potential new pieces. (That’s a cat, a robot, a guitar, diamond ring and helicopter.) Can you name the other surviving pieces? Answers below.

This isn’t the first time they’ve replaced pieces since the game was first invented, but it is, I believe, the first time they’ve promoted the change in this way.

What’s reallly wonderful is that they didn’t just get people excited about a game they may not have thought about in a while. They created excitement and a buying opportunity to go along with it. Truly fantastic content marketing. Does your content marketing do that?

The other surviving pieces are the top hat, the dog (my two favorites), the shoe, the battleship, a race car, the wheelbarrow and that old standby, the thimble. 



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