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Mobile Marketing Data: Smartphone Usage Continues To Rise, Tablets Explode

Friday, July 26th, 2013

If you’re not taking mobile into account in your marketing plans, you’re making a mistake, as this article from Heidi Cohen points out.

Lots of notable facts, but I don’t want to bury the lead: apparently 9% of US adults use smartphones during sex! No further comment possible. Or necessary.

Other questionable places people are using their smartphones:

  • 12% are willing to risk electrocution (by using their smartphones in the shower)
  • 33% are risking a sad, lonely life (dinner date)
  • 55% are risking death (driving)
  • 19% are risking eternal damnation (house of worship)

More seriously, I was surprised to see that 26% of our time is spent talking on our phones. I would expect that to be much lower. Texting, surfing and social-media usage all seem much higher in my anecdotal experience.

Click through to read the real meat of the article. The upshot is that smartphones are owned by some 60% or so of US adults and no small percentage of that group use the phones as alternatives to computers. Tablets are growing even more quickly. You simply can’t ignore mobile.


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