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Friday, December 4th, 2009

Although it’s a bit early to make a blanket recommendation in favor of mobile-specific commerce for every online retailer, mobile selling – with the unfortunate moniker “m-commerce” – has most definitely arrived.

If you’re upgrading an existing ecommerce platform or creating a new ecommerce strategy, mobile should be a part of the mix. Particularly if

  • your target audience is young, mobile and connected
  • you want to position yourself well as a connected and responsive
  • your products can be impulse buys / social conversations might inspire a potential buyer
  • you want to target comparison shoppers while they’re in-store

That covers a lot of ground, but the mobile commerce universe is growing fast, so it’s not surprising that it can make sense for a broad range of retailers.

The best argument in favor or adding mobile, though, is that, as the November 2009 issue of Internet Retailer points out, firms that are implementing mobile strategies now are gaining great information about their customers’ buying habits and preferences.

They’re also learning how to best integrate mobile commerce with online retail, in-store shopping and social media marketing.

Mobile Apps might make sense, too, though that’s a much smaller target, sexy as it may be. Starting with a mobile commerce Web presence is still best. As other mobile platforms catch up to the iPhone’s App Store, the opportunities for App-based selling will grow.

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