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Mobile Browsing and Mobile Shopping Trends

Tuesday, October 8th, 2013

We recently read these stats about mobile phones here in the US.

From 2011 to 2013:

  • Smartphones grew from 96 million handsets to 230 million handsets.
  • Mobile internet traffic has grown from 13% of all internet traffic to 39%.
  • And as commerce has grown from $197 billion to $240 billion, mobile ecommerce has grown from $25 billion to $39 billion.

So if you’re  not planning and executing a strong mobile strategy, you’re behind the curve, whether you’re a B2B or B2C business, and whether or not ecommerce is part of your mix. Here’s what you should be doing.

Track Your Analytics
How big a part of your audience are mobile users? How big were they a year ago? Are they phone users or tablet users? What pages and features are they looking at most?

Not all the data you can gather will be as accurate as you’d like, but there’s no need to be guessing blind. Look at the data and let it guide your initial decision making.

Modernize Your Website
Depending on what your audience is interested in, you may want to develop a mobile-specific site, or you may want to update your site design to include responsive coding. (Responsive coding detects the device being used to view your site and adjusts the layout and navigation to create a better user experience based on screen size and shape.)

Rely on your analytics data to help determine what sections need to be most prominently featured, and be sure to talk to your customers and prospects. Be sure to budget appropriately for multiple iterations – you’re going to need to make adjustments. (There are only two ways you could possibly get it exactly right on the first try: 1. Get really, really lucky. And 2. Never track usage and effectiveness stats and you’ll  never know you didn’t get it exactly right.)

Continue Testing
Changes are happening quickly. For most businesses, there’s no reason to whipsaw yourself into a frenzy trying to catch every new development. But you can’t expect to build a site and leave it untouched for 3-5 years. That’s simply not going to provide any significant marketing return.

Don’t Ignore The Trend
B2B marketers seem to be the most  susceptible to ignoring mobile. “My users are business people. They’re at their desks.” Uh, no. They’re not. Whether they’re corporate types or small business owners, they’re more frequently on the go or in meetings or checking in on things when they should be watching junior’s soccer match. (As sad as that is …) So they’re part of this mobile evolution. Don’t ignore their needs.


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