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Maximizing SEO Effectiveness for Smaller Sites

Friday, August 17th, 2012

SEO can be an important part of content marketing, and understanding the ins and outs is key to achieving good results. Unfortunately, it’s not always easy to understand Google’s rules and how you can run afoul of them.

Google provides, in videos and blog posts, clear guidelines for webmasters to follow. But there isn’t always great alignment between what we see being pushed as the official company line and what we see getting good results in practice. This infographic from SEObook shows a bunch of examples.

It’s hard to feel that small sites are playing on level ground with larger sites and Google’s customers. Granted, smaller sites would be at a disadvantage even if Google’s policies were more balanced. Fewer pages, less fresh content, etc. But it is getting harder and harder to believe that anyone at Google still has “don’t be evil” in mind when they’re making business decisions.

With this as a backdrop, we continue to recommend that our clients, most of whom have sites that qualify as “small” in the grand scheme of things, concentrate on great content and great relationships to maximize their site’s marketing effectiveness.



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