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Tuesday, December 4th, 2012

In a recent issue of BtoB magazine, we saw these stats about ROI on marketing activities.

The question: What marketing activities have delivered the best ROI at your organization?

The answer: Webcasts and virtual events in a virtual (ahem) dead heat with email – 24.7% to 24.6%. 

Interestingly, live events, at 21.7%, bested SEO/SEM (17.4%) and Websites. (11.6%)

I would love to dive more deeply into the information behind the responses. Were the webcasts and events free or paid? Were they events that the participants produced or simply sponsored? (Or participated purely as presenters?)

Still, it’s clearly worthwhile to include live and virtual events in your marketing mix. And that makes sense when you think about it.

The events, when done right, give you the opportunity to present your knowledge in a non-sales environment. You are, by definition, the expert. And since you’re not selling (you’re not thinking of selling during your webinar or trade show presentation, are you?!), your audience is receptive to your message and predisposed to have a positive opinion.

Added bonus: the audience is pre-qualified to some extent – they’ve self-selected as being interested in the topic you’re covering.

We’ve had success, not always overwhelming, with our live and virtual events. And it’s not just on the day of the event that we see positive feedback. Events are another piece of the credibility puzzle that potential clients evaluate – both consciously and on a more emotional level – as they make their buying decisions.

By the way, the data was based on responses from webcast participants during BtoB’s August 8, 2012 presentation, “Understanding Analytics: How the Right Data Can Move Leads Through the Buying Cycle.”


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