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Friday, March 28th, 2014

If you’re paying attention, and we hope you are, you’ve noticed that we’ve been MIA the past two weeks. No blog posts. Very little social media activity.

We were busy. No excuse other than that. And while I’m proud of what we’ve accomplished in the past few weeks and thrilled we helped clients meet some really tough deadlines, it’s hard to ignore the impact it’s had on our own content marketing.

And I realized that there are some areas where we’re not practicing what we preach.

We stress to clients that they have to have systems in place to make content marketing work effectively.

You have to have an editorial calendar that maps out the kind of content you’ll generate for the year. It should map your content to your services. It should help you make sure you’re creating content for each stage of the buying cycle and for each segment of your audience. And it should factor in industry realities like, say, the big, big trade show that runs every March.

Planning isn’t everything. You still have to do what you’ve planned. And that can be harder if you’re too casual about when and how you’re going to get things done.

That’s what sank us these past few weeks. Because of what we do, it’s usually pretty easy for us to knock out the content we need a day or two in advance. (OK, I admit it. Sometimes I create content right on deadline …) But we can’t always count on that, so it makes sense to carve out a regular weekly content development session and treat it as you would any client meeting on your calendar.

I can’t guarantee we’ll get that implemented today, but we’re going to try. Sometimes the only way to learn a lesson is the hard way.


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