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Improving Website Conversion in 5 Easy Steps

Friday, September 7th, 2012

Draw Them In
You have to have a great headline to get people’s attention and entice them to read further. (Or click through in the case of an email marketing campaign.)

Keep Them Interested
In short, have great content and present it attractively. That means, in most cases, punchy, bite-size chunks of text with plenty of visual support, which can be photos, illustrations or video.

Make It Easy
Easy to reach, easy to read, and, importantly, easy for them to trust you. That can mean testimonials or hard data or social media connections.

Make An Offer
It has to be clear to your audience what you’re offering and how it’s beneficial to them. Be persuasive and again, punchy.

Ask For An Answer
Nothing matters more than a strong call to action. Make it clear what you’d like them to and then make it easy for them to follow through.



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