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How To Use Search and Social Media Together

Tuesday, November 16th, 2010

Interesting article in this past week’s issue of BtoB about the intersection of search and social.

Companies are beginning to use social media to do keyword research, adding another set of tools to help uncover how the market is talking about a firm’s products and services, about company reputations, and about entire industries.

Monitoring social media is nothing new, but monitoring in this way is an interesting twist that will improve the effectiveness of search marketing for those who use it and push those who don’t further behind.

Another combination of search and social is becoming popular, as well. Using keyword research to help drive the content of social media campaigns turns the above idea inside out, and helps align social media content with top keywords.

How can you keep pace?

  1. Start by using information you likely already have – your keyword research. Be sure that your social media efforts align with your search efforts by using top keywords in all social media posts.
  2. Follow top social media performers in your industry. Track what they’re talking about and the terms they’re using. You’ll see patterns emerge that can help you tailor your social media strategy for better performance.
  3. Most importantly, have a plan. Know what you want to accomplish with your search marketing and your social media marketing, and measure your progress.

Social can also boost organic search performance. It can be a source of inbound links, frequent content updates and other activity that improves your visibility. No mystery here – a trusted opinion is better than a random search, so it should produce more leads, and better quality leads. So marketers need to pay attention to social in their online efforts as much as they do search.

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