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How to Improve your Email Marketing with your Website

Tuesday, October 5th, 2010

Even a well-crafted email marketing campaign won’t perform as well as it could without additional support. The easiest way to add that support is through your Website. A few quick ways to make sure your emails are working as well as they can.

Landing Page Continuity
Above all else, you have to have continuity between the email and the Web page you send your audience to. If your email says “click here for more information about curing male pattern baldness with your Chia Pet” the page your audience clicks through to must be focused on that product and that product only. You will lose a huge percentage of your audience if they have to hunt through other content on the page to find the Chia Pet baldness cure. (And can you blame them? Male pattern baldness is a scourge …)

Calls To Action
The continuity you create also needs to keep the focus on your call to action, whether that’s making a purchase, downloading a white paper, subscribing to a newsletter, or reading further for more information.

Additional Options
While it’s true that the call to action needs to remain the focus, you should also provide visitors with more options – basic site navigation or other ways to explore your main site (or the rest of a mini-site) more completely.

A/B Testing
Don’t forget that email marketing makes it easy to test a variety of offers, calls to action, and incentives. If your email service provider doesn’t offer tools for segmenting your list, find a new provider. Relatively small changes in the emails you send can yield big results not only in performance of a particular campaign, but also in the knowledge you gain of your customer base’s preferences.

More list segmentation. If you can segment your list based on purchasing patterns, you can customize the message for different kinds of customers. You should also consider different versions of a campaign – or different messages within the cycle of a campaign – for current customers, dormant customers, and prospects you haven’t done business with yet.

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