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How To Generate Content Marketing Content

Tuesday, May 17th, 2011

When we’re talking to clients new to the idea of content marketing, one of the first questions we hear frequently is, “What should I write about?”

Most people don’t really think about how much knowledge they have (and take for granted) that’s of value to their target audience.

Still, it can be daunting to start writing when you’re staring at a blank screen, even if it’s a relatively short piece like a blog post. A great way to ease around that problem is to think in terms of attractive headlines and build from there.

(Quick note: we don’t recommend building an overall content marketing strategy this way; headlines and a publishing calendar should be driven by your goals, not vice versa, but that’s another blog post …)

So, start with a headline that will attract your audience. For example,

  • How To Generate Content Marketing Content Ideas (sounds familiar …)
  • Proven Solutions to Content Marketing Problems
  • Content Marketing Basics for Every Business Owner

The more specific you can make your headlines, the more attractive they’ll be both to your human audience and to the search engine gods. Not accidentally, your content will be more targeted, too.

So my generic examples above would work better if rethought for the audience

  • How To Generate More B2B Leads Through Content Marketing
  • Proven Solutions For Improving Email Marketing Conversions
  • Content Marketing Basics for Online Retailers

Be sure to keep your headline “formulas” varied. “How to …” And “Ten ways to …” really do fit the bill for attracting eyeballs and SEO juice, but they’ll get boring fast for your steady audience. (Unless you’re Letterman. That Top Ten list never gets old.)

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