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How to Balance Information Architecture and SEO

Friday, April 29th, 2011

We encourage our clients to think of their businesses in the same terms as their customers do. Those customers don’t care what you do; they care what you do for them. Big difference.

That approach affects not only the way you talk about what you do, but the way you present what you’re saying. So, your website’s information architecture needs to take that into account.

And though it can take a lot of work to implement, it’s a pretty simple concept.

It gets more complicated though, as you layer things like SEO on top.

SEO rewards granularity. The best approach is to have a singular focus for each page, to build that page’s content around a particular keyword phrase.

But that’s not always how people think. People generally make connections and retain more of your message with increased context. So how do you reconcile those two ideas?

Top priority – focus on your human audience. Why? Because if you can’t hold their attention, it doesn’t really matter how well your SEO campaign works. (Does it matter that you’re generating leads if you can’t convert them?)

Analytics can help you determine whether you’re achieving that goal and from there you can fill in any SEO holes with mini-sites, dedicated landing pages, and other SEO-specific efforts.

Simple rule of thumb: People first, then the search engines.

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