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How Does Your Facebook Marketing Stack Up?

Friday, September 6th, 2013

Here’s an interesting set of stats from the folks at Agora Pulse, taken from their recent Facebook Page Performances by Industry post.

The complete post breaks out performance for industries such as musicians/bands, clothing brands, health/beauty, and more. (Including Telecommunications. Guess who brings up the rear in most categories …)

We pulled this set of stats because it’s more relevant to most of us – with fewer than 10k fans. Take a look to see how you compare.

One thing we found really interesting was that while small pages had markedly better reach and engagement than pages with more than 100k fans, the stats for “storytellers” were almost identical. (Agora Pulse defines storytellers as likes, comments and shares on the post.)

Does this mean that regardless of audience size, there is a fairly consistent segment of your audience that is passionate enough to “storytell?”

How do you compare to these averages? If you don’t know – and don’t know how to find out – we can help.

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