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How Do You Know If Your Content Marketing Is Working?

Friday, April 6th, 2012

How do you know if your content marketing is working? You need to know whether it’s engaging your audience, growing your audience, and moving them toward profitable action.

There are 5 areas to pay close attention to.

  1. Is your content relevant to your audience’s needs?
  2. Is your content actionable? – can your audience put it to use for themselves
  3. Can it be found?
  4. Is it consistent with your brand message?
  5. Is your content supporting your business goals?

Here are tips on measuring each of these areas:

Is your content relevant to your audience’s needs?
This is perhaps the key metric. And while there’s no hard-and-fast rule for measurement, engagement is an important yardstick. Is your audience interacting with the content – downloading it or liking it or sharing it?

Is your content actionable?
Can your audience put the information to use for themselves? This question is tied into the relevance question above in many ways, but it’s also something you should be paying attention to before you publish. Once published, you should be checking the different kinds of content you publish for their popularity.

Can it be found?
Don’t even think of doing any content marketing without measuring how easily it’s being found. Measure traffic for social media posts as well as more traditional web publishing.

Is it consistent with your brand message?
Another measure to test against before content goes out the door.

Is it supporting your business goals?
The final metric presupposed that you’ve defined the business goals you’re aiming for. (You have, right?) Be sure that you’re measuring comprehensively so that you can track both direct impact and indirect effect. As measurable as digital media can be, if you measure only direct impact, you’re not getting an accurate picture of your ROI.

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