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Hornstein Email Responsiveness Survey 2013

Friday, December 13th, 2013

We delight each year in sharing with you the email responsiveness survey that our friend and colleague Scott Hornstein has run yearly since 2001. Like Scott, the results are both entertaining and informative.

The news still not terribly good. A lot of leading companies in the U.S. still don’t get that people want to be engaged by the firms they do business with. They want a conversation, not a monolith hiding behind corporate speak or, worse, indifference.

The technology exists to make this easier. Sometimes, though, it’s not about technology. It’s about the human touch, as evidenced by L.L. Bean’s response. No computer can add ” hope you are enjoying this beautiful autumn afternoon.” (Actually, it wouldn’t be that hard to custom code email responses based on time of day and weather information.)

Read Scott’s report. It’s worth the few minutes it takes. And then take a look at what your email responsiveness is saying about your firm.


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