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Google Vs. Facebook: Is The Battle Already Over?

Friday, January 6th, 2012

Maybe it’s because anyone who’s spent any time in the tech sector knows that another major disruption is always right around the corner, but there seems to be a lot of digital ink being spilled about Facebook’s imminent – or in some corners, foregone – destruction of the Google empire.

Lots of time is spent reading the tea leaves and interpreting what impact seemingly unrelated investments and corporate strategy decisions will have on the larger competitive landscape.

So has Facebook killed Google? Doesn’t look that way to me, any more than Siri is on the cusp of killing Google, though I’ve read that recently, too.

This discussion on Top Rank of the PC World article, “2011: The Year Facebook Killed Google” offers an interesting take on how seriously we should take these assertions. (I doubt Google’s ignoring the possible challenges Siri and social media could present, but I don’t think they’re quaking in their boots at this point.)

The most valuable take-aways for any content marketers are that social drives search AND search drives social, and that while one of these giants may eat into the profits of the other, we need to tap into the power of both to reach and connect with our target audience.

“It’s a key lesson for marketers to look beyond search rankings and also into the usefulness and share-ability of their content. That’s why we’re such big proponents of  ”Optimize and Socialize“.  Make it easy for search engines and consumer to find and experience your content wherever they might be looking.”

I’m sure you’ve found some pretty interesting things on Facebook and other social media sites, and may even turn to those sites, particularly Twitter, for certain kinds of search, but I don’t know anyone who can legitimately claim that social media has replaced Google or Bing or Yahoo as their primary search tool.

The article brings up another interesting possibility: with Google+, 2011 might be the year that Google protected itself once and for all from the Facebook threat.

Yes, it’s easier for consumers to change search engines than social networks since it doesn’t matter where your friends search, and it does matter where they socialize, but search engine choice seems much less emotional and fickle than which social network you want to hang out on. MySpace was cool not too long ago …

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