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Form and Function: Content Marketing and Good Design

Tuesday, January 7th, 2014

I saw an article just before the holidays on “Silicon Valley’s New Obsession With Beauty” but was only able to read it this weekend. (As if my broken ankle wasn’t enough, the flu ran through our house over the holidays. It was ugly.)

The most amazing thing about this Bits blog piece is how long it’s taken the rest of Silicon Valley to realize that hey, maybe Jobs was on to something with the whole design obsession thing.

Engineers do still “reign supreme” throughout the tech world, but even Google, who for years have epitomized a certain proud disdain for design, are now paying more attention to how their products and services look.

The irony here for content marketers is how frequently we’re stuck with the opposite problem: Trying to help clients who have websites that are design driven to the point of being difficult to update and maintain.

Those website may (or may not …) look great, but too often they paint us into corners when it comes to easily adding new content, and new kinds of content, as our marketing grows and matures.

It will be interesting to see if the pendulum swings too far toward design in Silicon Valley or if they get the balance right. Either way, I hope the conversation helps everyone understand the importance of balancing design and other concerns and defining good design in terms not purely visual – good design facilitates solid communication. 


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