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Forget Your Perspective – It’s Your Audience’s Perspective That Matters

Tuesday, February 26th, 2013

Too often, we see content marketers evaluate the work they’re doing through their own eyes. We even catch ourselves doing it from time to time.

Huge mistake.

As this infographic from Jay Baer’s Baer Facts column on Convince & Convert illustrates, you’re an insider. You know too much. You aren’t looking at your products or services in the same way as your average client or prospect does. Even a well-educated client.

“Of course all our prospects would love to follow us on Twitter; we just need to get the word out better.”

Really? It only looks that way because you’re part of a group that does things like that. The general public, not so much.(If you can’t make out the stats scaled down, 61% of content marketers follow at least one brand on Twitter as opposed to 12% of consumers. Click the thumbnail for a full version of the infographic.)

The lesson here is to listen to your prospects, ask your customers questions, create buyer personas and above all, don’t rely on your gut to tell you what your audience is most interested in. At least don’t make your gut your primary guide.


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