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Finding Your Audience Through Content Marketing Metrics

Tuesday, April 22nd, 2014

We’ve read recently about Gucci creating Spotify playlists to promote Bamboo FringeMacallan scotch using Instagram at SxSW and Guerlain creating tutorials to promote new products.

How are you reaching your audience?

“Doing” social media just doesn’t cut it anymore, though that’s probably not news to most of you. And while it’s good news that more and more marketers understand that measuring results is a requirement for success with any kind of marketing, too many are relying on generic data.

The appeal is easy to see: you can find data touting which social network is growing fastest, which has the bet engagement numbers, and which lead to the most conversions. In many cases, you can even find this data broken out for your industry.

And though we’re glad everyone’s moved beyond the simplistic “Facebook for B2C, LinkedIn for B2B”  view of the world, it’s unfortunate that most marketers are still stopping way short of gathering their own data and defining their own metrics.

That takes more work, of course, but that work is almost always worthwhile. The effort you put into A/B testing, tracking results by channel and content type and subject matter … this all pays off in the form of greater insights into what your customer wants.

And once you know what your customer wants, well, your job as a marketer gets a whole lot more productive.

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