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Expanding Your Online Marketing Audience And Reach

Tuesday, October 9th, 2012

If you’ve done any business networking, you’ve probably come to understand that 1 + 1 sometimes equals 3. That is, when you get to know someone new and you share connections and resources with one another, the effect is frequently more than just a doubling of your network.

The same can be true when it comes to expanding your audience and your reach with content marketing.

Here are some ways to reach new audiences and create great content at the same time.

Guest Posts – Your Blog
Invite a blogger with a complementary business and an overlapping audience to write a guest post for your blog. Chances are, they’ll promote the post to their followers, exposing your blog to a whole new audience. (And of course, they’re hoping the exposure to your audience will help them in the same exact way.)

Guest Posts – Other Blogs
A more direct route to potential new readers. The key to success here is to go beyond the general, “can I post on your blog?” inquiry. Instead, propose a specific topic you’d like to cover, being sure to outline how it relates to other content on the blog and why the audience will find it useful.

Email Marketing
The above holds true for email marketing newsletters. Invite guest experts and offer your expertise to colleagues. Be sure your audiences overlap and your services aren’t directly competitive.

Conduct interviews with influential people and key opinion leaders (KOLs) in your industry. Most of these folks are savvy enough to know that a big part of their influence is tied up in remaining visible. So they’re eager to find solid opportunities for coverage. If your audience is small, don’t hide that fact, but do point out the relevance of their message to your audience and why it’s a good fit. As above, be as specific as you can in proposing topics. And don’t be afraid to aim higher than you think you should. Unless the “rock stars” in your industry are actual rock stars, most are more approachable than you’d think.

Project Partnerships
Partnering with others – especially KOLs – on projects can be a great way to expand both audiences.  Projects can take the form of webinars or surveys or research that you might publish as a co-branded infographic. If you’re approaching someone with more “cred” be prepared to do the lion’s share of the work. You doing the heavy lifting can be very enticing …

The most important thing to remember is that the same expertise and experience that you’re showcasing for your own audience is going to be valuable to a wider audience. So there’s no reason to be shy about approaching better known colleagues with more established audiences. They didn’t get where they are magically. Do the hard work and you’ll find yourself standing right beside them.

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