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Enlistment Is Not Engagement

Friday, February 17th, 2012

OK, You’ve got huge numbers of fans or subscribers. But just because they’ve joined your army doesn’t mean you’ve got their attention.

(Just used this stat in a my Social Media Week presentation on Tuesday. Too good not to share.)

According to a CMO Council study, 67% of consumers Like a page for the discounts or giveaways.

Meanwhile, back in LaLaLand, 57% of marketers thought their Likes were a reflection of the quality of their content.

Beyond the enormous disconnect that these marketers seem to be experiencing, the lesson is that active engagement matters more than passive signing up. If you’re running a promotion or give-away, track not just raw numbers of fans, likes, subscribers or whatever. Track engagement with content over time for a more accurate picture of whether you’re really connecting with your audience.

That means, once they’ve signed up signed up for the promotion, do they Like or comment on your subsequent posts? For email lists, what are your open rates? Do they grow (or hold steady) as your list expands? If not, your content is not a good match for your audience. Time to adjust …

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