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Email Still Tops Social in Influencing Buyers

Friday, March 29th, 2013

Facebook has significantly more influence over buying decisions – both online buying and in-store – but all social media lag well behind a number of other influencing factors:

  • Online reviews
  • Google search
  • Email marketing
  • Print catalogs

The findings come from a recent survey by Baynote and the e-tailing group. (By way of this post on MarketingProfs.) The survey focuses on retail marketing, so their headline about the enduring power of print catalogs makes sense. I think the take-away for B2B marketers is the enduring power of email marketing as much as it is about print catalogs.

It is interesting to note how well stalwarts like email marketing and print catalogs do against social media, though it should be noted that the importance placed on Google searches owes some credit to effective social media work along with SEO and content marketing. You can’t be found via Google search if you aren’t doing the work to get found …

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