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Email Responsiveness Survey from Hornstein Associates

Tuesday, January 15th, 2013

As you may recall from our post last year, my friend and colleague Scott Hornstein has been doing an email responsiveness survey for the past decade or so as a measure of customer service . The results are, like Scott, interesting and entertaining. (Less entertaining for some of the companies surveyed.)

This year again, scores are down. I’m glad we respond to emails quickly here, and while I get that the game is different for major national brands – and that email monitoring and response can be an unrelenting generator of costs – I really do wish these firms got it a bit more.

To refresh your memory, Scott sends a very straightforward email query to a long list of large B2B and B2C companies. Then he scores them on the quality and speed of their response.

The results still amaze. I’ll let you read the report for yourself, but it’s eye-popping the number of firms that fail and the range of ways they find to perform poorly.

You may be tempted to say, “Well, the big guns can’t get it right so even if we stumble once in a while, we’re still hitting above our weight.” but that would be a mistake. People hate the disrespectful way that airlines and banks and cable TV operators treat them. They don’t continue to patronize these firms because they want to. They do it because their are no better alternatives.

That’s not the case for most small businesses. And even if it is, do you really want people to work with you only bccause they have no choice?


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