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Tuesday, April 19th, 2011

Here are 3 ways small businesses can make the most of their ecommerce efforts.

1. Present your business professionally.

2. Market your site online and off.

3. Create connections with your audience.

Present Your Business Professionally
Yes, you can have your estore up and running tonight if you want. You can also perform minor surgery on yourself. In either case, the outcome might not literally be deadly, but it certainly won’t be as good as it could have been, and you won’t necessarily be able to see all the ways you’ve done damage. (Though admittedly, damaging your brand is probably preferable to losing a limb …)

Market Your Site Online and Off
Even of you’re Kevin Costner, build it and they will come just doesn’t work anymore. The web is too crowded with sites, and people’s lives are too crowded with information. You won’t be found by accident. Learn where your audience is and reach out to them there.

Create Connections With Your Audience
Don’t stop at learning where your audience is; also learn what they’re interested in and talking about. Address those issues and you begin to build trust. And trust is a much more powerful sales tool than promotions, coupons, special offers, and just about anything else.

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