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Friday, September 28th, 2012

I was excited to see Lexity’s infographic on players in ecommerce. Not suprisingly, it contains some of our favorites – like WP E-Commerce and Ubercart – but I have to admit I was suprised to see Magento has such a dominant market share. (Well, dominant in a highly fragmented field.)

Magento’s relative complexity compared to options like Yahoo Stores and Shopify would seem to put it at a disadvantage, particularly among smaller sites. I assume Magento’s robustness is what sells it over the simpler offerings.

That’s been the draw for us on the occasions we’ve used Magento, but we’ve probably implemented it only about half as frequently as we have simpler solutions. For us the decision always hinges on the client’s needs and their capabilities for maintenance.

Then again, we implement WP E-Commerce and Ubercart far more frequently for our WordPress and Drupal sites, respectively. Good to see them on the list, as well.

The value for content marketers looking at this list is in looking at popularity and growth. Life shouldn’t be a popularity contest (didn’t we all already graduate from high school?) but it’s safer to err on the side of caution rather than build out a site on a platform that is losing favor and therefore more likely to lose the developer support necessary to keep the platform current, secure and stable.

(Original larger version available on the Lexity site.)

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