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Ecommerce and Mobile Commerce in 2010

Monday, December 28th, 2009

ComScore released data comparing ecommerce spending for 2009 with 20008 and it’s a bright spot:Spending rose about 4% overall. (Though I’ve also seen the data quoted as a 3.5% increase after accounting for this year’s extra shopping day.)

That’s good news, but even more interesting is Internet Retailer’s report that Nike’s ecommerce business is outperforming overall sales.

That would seem to point to wider adoption and growing comfort with ecommerce for a broader range of products and for consumers further and further from the traditional early adopter profile.

I would be most interested in seeing breakout data for two things: small businesses and mobile ecommerce growth vs. ecommerce growth in general. (Please forward links if you have any.)

Mobile is where the real growth should be exected in 2010, and is where savvy retailers can gain at the expense of their less tech-savvy competitors. It will be an interesting year as mobile commerce tools make it easier to set up mobile storefronts and a growing number of smart phones make it harder to build to any standards. The Droid, Google’s phone-to-be and others are good for consumers looking for an alternative to Blackberry and the iPhone, but it’s going to be tough going for developers until some standards develop.

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