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Tuesday, December 1st, 2009

Here’s a great interview on Guy Kawasaki’s AmEx Open Blog with social media guru, Dan Zarrella. It’s interesting the importance he suggests you place on various tools depending on where you are on your growth curve and in your market space.

Glad to see we’re in agreement that a Website needs to be the center of any digital strategy for most (we’d say nearly all) companies and that a blog is going to be a tremendously important part of whatever social media strategy and tactics you put in place.

And three cheers for his “don’t repeat Tweets” advice. Occasionally is fine, but some marketers really aren’t getting the idea … I’m not naming names, but it’s painful and embarrassing to watch some of our colleaegues who are clearly selling some sort of “Twitter Promotional Package” along with their “Web Development Package.” If only their clients knew the damage these dummies are doing to their brands …

Key takeways:

  • Facebook isn’t necessarily better than Twitter isn’t necessarily better than LinkedIn isn’t necessarily … the key metric is your audience. Whichever network they’re most likely to be plugged into is the best network for you.
  • Choose complimentary services with an eye toward extending reach and NOT overextending your self or your staff. Social media only works if you invest the time required, even if the monetary investment is zero.
  • Your Website is, in most cases, going to be the most important piece of your digital marketing puzzle. Second piece should generally be a blog, though that will vary from one firm to another. In most cases the blog is going to provide the spark of conversation  you need to build on-going interaction and, ultimately, your community.

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