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Does Your Online Presence Have An Accent?

Friday, November 4th, 2011

Just re-found an interesting old post – 2 years old – from Seth Godin. He talk about being aware of the “accent” you speak with in your marketing efforts. Most people are sophisticated enough consumers of marketing messages to be able to tell who the message is coming from. Mom and Pop shops look different from multinational corporations. That presentation is your accent.

It’s important to speak with an accent your audience is comfortable with, but I don’t agree with Seth’s thought that you’re generally better off keeping your accent local. (Dyson sells vacuums at a far higher price than Ron “it slices, it dices’ Popeil likely ever could and he clearly ain’t from ’round these here parts …)

He sells those vacuums by fitting the part well. He looks – and sounds – like a designer and engineer, not a huckster. His presentation fits his product, and that’s what makes his advertising so effective.

Online, you should keep this in mind not only when crafting websites, but when selecting where else to promote our products and services. There’s great power in social networks, but you have to mind the company you keep.

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