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Countdown Clocks in Email Marketing

Tuesday, October 7th, 2014

An interesting message landing in my inbox this morning from Meryl Randman with cool info on countdown clocks and the results they get in email marketing.

Her message started off with a countdown clock – to the weekend, which was a nice touch – and the gave the real-world example of how the NFL saw open rates and cickthroughs increase by 121% and 26% respectively. Repeat viewings of the email were also increased.

A link to the an online version of the message is here – complete with countdown clock.

We’ve used countdown clocks on websites – the Country Children’s Center Summer Camp website includes a countdown to the camp’s opening bell (sorry, the countdown doesn’t reactivate until January when camp registration season kicks into high gear) but haven’t tried one in an email newsletter.

This is interesting in its own right and something to consider for your own email marketing work. It’s also a great example of content marketing. Meryl, who works in email, direct mail and digital marketing, doesn’t toot her own horn here. She gives info that’s useful to her audience, even pointing out that the animation that drives the clock won’t work in Outlook, so this may not be the best choice for an enterprise-level B2B audience. That’s a combination that’s earned our attention.


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