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Friday, March 16th, 2012

I’m usually a bit dubious of any of the “top 10″ type sites since it’s such an open admission that you’re forcing your thoughts to fit into a predefined box, but this list of top content types is pretty good. (Maybe I fell for it because it’s “12 Most” and not “Top 10.”)

Certainly the top 3 are spot on: video, info graphics and list posts will almost always provide a bump in your traffic and, as the original post says, video every once in a while is a nice treat for regular visitors.

Customer case studies can be powerful if they’re presented in a way that makes it easy for your audience to see how the success might apply to them.

Testimonials? No. Nothing wrong with including testimonials all over your website or blog, but I wouldn’t count them as a top content type that your audience is clamoring for, or that will drive traffic. Too much you, not enough them.

Same story for business updates. Unless it’s a price drop or some other change that directly affects your clients … too much you, not enough them.

Other items on the list are strong content types, so the post is worth a read.

(BTW, I found this post from a link to it on Tweeting & Business, one of a family of magazines and blogs that includes LinkedIn & Business, Facebook & Business and The Big G & Business, which aggregates and republishes blogs from around the web, including content from ours. They publish original material, as well.

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