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Content Repurposing – A Quick Guide

Friday, December 16th, 2011

I came across this recent post on John Jantsch’s Duct Tape Marketing blog and though I will do a longer piece soon on great strategies for getting the most out of the the content you create, this is worth sharing now.

Two key points that John raises:

  1. He doesn’t use any automated services or tools to cross-post his content to each and every channel he uses.
  2. He doesn’t limit his participation in any channel where he’s repurposing to just the repurposed content.

The first is important because you really do want to tailor the content to the channel. It’s called repurposing, not regurgitating.

And you need to participate more fully in any channel you choose to use in order to establish a personality. “Joe just posted a link.” isn’t going to get that done all by itself.

Your goal is to create engagement, and to do that you need to build a reputation. (Or brand, if you prefer.) You have to be more than just a “profile” if you’re going to engage people and gain their trust.

Let me know if there are any repurposing questions in particular you’d like me to address in an upcoming post on the topic.

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