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Content Marketing’s Impact on Lead Generation

Friday, February 22nd, 2013

Still doubting the value of content in terms of lead generation and increased sales?

Let us share with you some research from Hubspot, an inbound marketing firm who recently survey more than 7,000 of their customers.

First, if you’re tempted to stick with your “brochureware” site with a few dozen pages, don’t. More content – which means more pages, increases traffic and improves lead generation.


Think it’s not worth it to invest time in crafting product- or service-specific landing pages? You’re wrong.


Don’t want to start a blog because you’ve heard it takes more time than having a puppy? Can your puppy do this?



There’s more – and we encourage you to read the full report. And we encourage you to take some of these claims with a grain of salt: correlation is not causation and we see the two confused too frequently, and there are other factors that we’re not sure the survey necessarily captured well, but the overall picture is quite clear. An active online presence which includes regularly updated website content,  social media activity and email marketing must be part of  your lead generation strategy if you are going to compete in today’s economy.

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