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Content Marketing with LinkedIn

Wednesday, October 17th, 2012

Facebook gets a lot more attention, but if you’re in a B2B business, LinkedIn is probably a better choice for content marketing.

But what works on LinkedIn? If you’ve signed up and waited for the dollars – or leads – to come rolling in, you’ve no doubt found that it’s not that easy. As with any other kind of content marketing the rewards you reap are directly linked to effort you sow.

Here are some tips on effectively using LinkedIn for marketing your firm.

Create A Solid Foundation
Your company page and profile have to represent your firm as comprehensively as possible. Be sure to take advantage of the tools LinkedIn provides. You can link to your Twitter feed and your blog. (And your website, of course.) You can post videos and links to infographics.

Promote and Provide
Even with a great LinkedIn presence, the hordes aren’t likely to be beating down your down. You’ve got to do more. That means promoting your presence and providing valuable information.

Be sure to promote the presence in other marketing channels. Ultimately, you do want to drive traffic to your website, but as an interim step, raising people’s awareness of your presence on LinkedIn is important, because you want to build your audience and create a group with whom you can interact.

Participation on LinkedIn can take a number of shapes. We’ll look at a few below. Posting information of interest to your audience is top of the list. LinkedIn is no different than any other channel in this way. If you post nothing but quick hits touting your latest win, you’re doomed. It’s not about you.

Answer Questions
Answering questions on LinkedIn is a great way to establish your expertise and build an audience. Remember the golden rule: your answer should be informational, not promotional. There’s nothing wrong using recent work as examples, but they have to serve the story you’re telling, and that story had better be useful to your audience.

Join and Organize Groups
You can take question answering a step further and organize and lead a group that focuses on an area where you have expertise and that is likely to attract members of your target audience. You may want to get your toes wet first by joining a few groups to get more comfortable with the unwritten rules you’ll find in each group.

Recommendations And Endorsements
Interact with folks by offering and asking for recommendations and endorsements. Be cautious in who you recommend and in who you ask for recommendations from. There are two reasons for this:

  1. You’re judged by the company you keep
  2. People are skeptical. Don’t do anything that could cause people to question whether your recommendations involve a quid pro quo of any kind.

And don’t be stingy in your efforts to connect others. Banking good karma is never a bad thing.

Monitor and Measure
You absolutely have to have a clear picture of your goals before you begin any content marketing effort. Working LinkedIn is no different. If you’re not generating leads (or finding top-notch talent or whatever your goal is) with what you’re doing, change what you’re doing.


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