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Content Marketing Trends and Predictions 2013

Wednesday, December 19th, 2012

Here are a handful of trends and predictions for the coming year in content marketing that we’ve gathered from around the Web, and our thoughts on whether we’re likely to see them come true.

The Content Economy
On the Logic + Emotion blog, we find a shout-out to “The Content Economy” among other predictions. I’d love to think that content may become your company’s most valuable commodity, but I’m not holding my breath. Clearly, content and content marketing are on the upswing and we expect to see more companies devoting more of their marketing resources to content. Nice reference to Oreo’s drip campaign, which provides real evidence of the value of a consistent presence over aiming for a flash-in-the-pan viral smash.

Stronger Content Marketing Strategy
Over on Ragan’s PR Daily, Kat Liendgens predicts that we’ll see a stronger focus on content strategy in 2013. I hope she’s right. It’s simply not enough to build a website with an easy to use CMS and charge existing or new staffers with updating it regularly. You have to have goals in mind, ideas on how to meet your goals, and metrics by which to measure whether you’re making good progress.

Better Search, More Visuals
On the Australian blog King Content, Craig Hodges suggests that “the merging of social, search and content has been strengthened by Google’s tightening of low-quality content and dodgy SEO tactics.” Amen, brother. 2013 should see this trend continue as content continues to gain in importance for the search giant. Delivering eyeballs to advertisers is the key to the big G’s business and they can’t do that if poor search results drives us elsewhere for answers.

Hodges also points out that visual content will grow in importance. I wonder if that will come to pass in 2013. Creating great visuals still requires skills that not everyone has. Unless budgets expand, visual content won’t. (At least, I hope it won’t, or we’ll all be staring at a lot of crap design.)

CMI’s Collected Predictions
There’s a great collection of content marketing predictions on the Content Marketing Institute’s site. Have a look and let us know what you agree with and what you think is fantasy or farce.



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