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Content Marketing To Overcome Sales Objections

Tuesday, August 7th, 2012

In a recent post on the Duct Tape Marketing blog, John Jantsch outlined 10 reasons he wouldn’t buy from you. These ranged from pricing to packaging to design to quality. Many, though, not all of these objections can be addressed with great content marketing. Let’s look at a few key areas.

If you run into objections on price it means you either haven’t properly calculated or aren’t properly presenting the value of your product or service to your target audience or you’re selling a commodity. If the latter, get out of that business fast or scale to a size where you can crush the competition on price. There is no other route to survival.

On the value side, it’s certainly true that you need to know the value – in real dollars and cents – of your offering. Don’t shoot yourself in the foot by simply guessing at this. You either leave money on the table or your sales efforts will feel like pushing water uphill.

Once you’re confident you’ve got that right, the content marketing can help you build a case for defending that value. Customer success stories, industry research, and white papers are great ways to highlight ROI numbers and other quantitative measure of a product’s value. 

Telling prospects that you’re the best could be the least effective way of trying to win them over to that belief. But instilling that sense of confidence is key to winning the sale. And that may be one of content marketing’s greatest strengths.

By giving away your expertise (in judicious amounts, of course) you create a library of information that demonstrates the quality of your products and services. It’s especially powerful precisely because you’re giving it away. No selling involved. Great examples of this are informative (that’s important) and regularly updated (that’s important, too) blogs, email newsletters, columns in industry publications, and so on. Get your name out there, establish expertise, and your sales efforts will be much more highly rewarded.

Even the greatest daredevils among us are risk-averse to some degree. And most of us are much more risk-averse than your average Evel Knievel wannabe.

So knowing that your prospects don’t want to make mistakes, you should do all you can to provide assurance that the solution you’re offering will work.

Showing them examples of customer success stories – particularly within their industry – is an excellent way to garner that confidence, as is a long track record of success. A long-running blog or deep library of content on your website is another great way to get prospects to move past the “what’s going to go wrong?” mindset.

There are 3 common objectives you’re likely to run into. You probably run into others, as well. It can be helpful to think of those objections and build your content marketing plan around addressing them.


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