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Tuesday, November 1st, 2011

Here’s a really great piece (again) from the Content Marketing Institute site.

Where and When Your Keywords Really Matter for Content Marketing and SEO

In a nutshell, the article points out that title tags matter in a big way, meta tags matter not at all, and keyword density is over-rated.

I couldn’t agree more. Particularly on the keyword density front. This is another example of the search engines getting better and better at rewarding content that appeals to a human audience rather than tech tricks meant to attract the algorithms.

As the article says, “Thinking about keyword density means you’re not thinking about your audience.”

And that means that even if your page ranks well and attracts traffic, your bounce rate will jump because your content’s not worth reading.

Your SEO efforts have to take into account your audience’s goals – why are they doing a web search in the first place, and what can you do to satisfy their need? Keyword density has to be secondary to providing high-value content, and your focus has to shift from simply getting them to your page to keeping them on your site.

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