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Content Marketing: Tips for Getting Started

Tuesday, August 16th, 2011

I couldn’t sum up the essence of content marketing any better than this post from Heidi Cohen on the CMI (Content Marketing Institute) site.

Actually, I just might be able to, so here goes for those who don’t want to click through to the longer post:

  • Be informative
  • Be entertaining
  • Be authoritative

Be Informative
Provide information to that your audience finds useful. This is information related to the problems they’re experiencing, not the solutions you provide.(You can provide info on the solutions you’ve provided when you’re in “be authoritative” mode. More below.)

Be Entertaining
Don’t be afraid to show some personality. As in face-to-face encounters, it relaxes your audience, helps create a connection, and makes you memorable.

Be Authoritative
When it comes time to demonstrate that you’re an authority, do so by highlighting the outcomes you’ve achieved for your clients rather than just tooting your own horn. The more fully you can quantify those results the more powerful your claims will be.

Add to that “off-page” efforts like extending your audience by connecting with colleagues, and you’ve got the basis for a real content marketing plan. (An editorial schedule and content map would be good next steps, too.)


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