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Content Marketing: Presentations in Your Pajamas

Tuesday, November 5th, 2013

Even if you hate public speaking, you probably wish (being a marketer and all) that you could find ways to get your ideas in front of more people. Because you know that the more qualified people you present your ideas to, the more revenue you will generate.

Content marketing makes that possible, and you don’t even have to get up in front of a room full of strangers. You can do it from the comfort of your own office. Here’s how.

Websites like Slideshare allow you to post your presentations online and categorize them so interested people can find your work.

Keep in mind that the audience is interested in something not someone. You’re someone, and they don’t care. If they care about anything at all, it’s your expertise, so the slideshows you post can’t be the usual dog-and-pony show outlining your company history, capabilities, and how you collectively have 347 years of industry experience. (Does anyone still use that line?)

Forget about selling and concentrate on educating. That’s the way to grab your audience’s attention and create the trust that gets you invited to create a conversation with them. Address their needs, share your experience and knowledge, make it worthwhile for them to give your their attention for a few precious minutes.

Have no illusions – this is no magic bullet. “Post it and they will come” isn’t any more true here than it is on your website, though the audience at Slideshare is likely larger than on your website. (The competition will be stiffer, too. My recent search for “content marketing” presentations on Slideshare yielded 458,000 results.)

So you still have to work hard to get your content noticed, but when you hit on a solid theme, the audience will reward you with mentions, tweets, likes, and comments, all of which extend your reach. Most importantly, they’ll reward you with their attention and permission to keep in touch until they’re ready to buy.


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