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Content Marketing Metrics: Measure, Analyze and Interpret

Friday, August 24th, 2012

We warn our clients to be careful in attributing conversions to one channel or another even as we encourage them to measure, measure, measure.

In simple terms, your email newsletter may do such a great job of presenting your latest offerings value that a client remembers it and even though she’s too busy to click through to your landing page from the email, she does go to your home page 2 days later and becomes a customer.

You have no way of attributing that conversion to your email newsletter, but it deserves the credit.

So we recommend examining your data in very a variety of ways. You look at the click-through rate of that email newsletter AND the overall conversion rate in the week following its publication compared to your prevailing overall conversion rate trends. If that week’s conversion rate trends higher than normal, at least some of the increase is a result of the email newsletter. (What portion will depend on your other marketing that week and a variety of external factors, of course.)

The important thing to remember is that interpreting the data you generate is far more important than the measurement itself or even straightforward statistical analysis. You have to be comfortable knowing that you can’t know everything and that with proper interpretation, the unknowns are accounted for while the noise is filtered out, giving you more useful information.


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