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Content Marketing Basics: Promoting Your Webinar

Tuesday, June 4th, 2013

I wrote recently in my column at Biznology.com about “content marketing beyond copy.” That is, other means of delivering great information like infographics, illustrations, and video. And webinars.

So I was excited to see this article recently on Jay Baer’s Convince & Convert blog about 14 steps for getting ready to host a webinar. Sharing it with a handful of clients who are gearing up for webinars this summer got an overwhelmingly positive response, so here it is for everyone else.

The post does a great job of capturing the breadth of what goes into producing a great webinar – and attracting a large enough audience for your efforts to pay off. Promoting the event is frequently the most overlooked part of the process, but all the things you’ve been doing as a content marketer should come into play:

  • SEO – make sure your topic and webinar title both include strong keywords that align with your brand and your services.
  • Social Media – this is no time to be sure. Promote the website socially and encourage your existing audience to share with their networks.
  • Email Marketing – as above, get the word out. Don’t overflog the event, but if what you’re offering is truly informative for your audience, they’ll be interested enough to forgive hearing about it more than once.
  • Website and Blog – create a landing page devoted to the webinar. (See SEO item above.) And blog about it. Offer tidbits about the content, what people will learn, why they should attend.

Check out the full post for the rest of the 14 suggestions. Not all may apply to your situation, but the article worth a read if there’s a webinar in your near future.

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