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Content Isn’t King

Tuesday, July 24th, 2012

That’s a big statement coming from a dedicated content marketer, but it’s the truth.

Sort of.

What brings it to mind is the 7/19 issue of The Leftsetz Letter. Bob Lefsetz is a music industry agitator, so he writes mostly about the music biz, musicians both struggling and established, and the executives who enable/exploit them.

Here’s the quote from one of his emails last week:

“And when it comes to any business, distribution is king. The same idiots who say kids have short attention spans spew the fallacious construct that content is king. Nothing could be further from the truth. If something is great, and you can’t buy it, it’s irrelevant.”

How does that apply to what you’re doing as a content marketer? You’ve got to get your work out in front of the people who care. 

That’s huge, putting distribution or network in front of content, but in large degree it’s true.

Now, he does rightly point out that you can’t publish garbage content. As he puts it, your audience has “an incredible shit detector” and they’re going to reject anything that isn’t great. In our case, the audience is going to reject anything that isn’t useful and authentic.  

So it’s got to be good, but it’s got to get found. Keep that in mind as you decide how to divvy up your content marketing resources between developing content and developing an audience.

And if you’re not a subscriber to The Lefsetz Letter, you should be if you’re at all into music. Check him out at www.lefsetz.com/.


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