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Content Is King – The Death of SEO

Tuesday, July 31st, 2012

Content Is King. Wait, didn’t I say content isn’t king last week? I take it back.

Well, sort of.

Here’s a truly great article by Ken Krogue on Forbes.com about the changing state of SEO. In a nutshell, the increased importance of social networks and PR moves value to real, live, actual content and away from SEO “techniques.”

To which we say, “hip, hip, hooray!” (Ask me why we stayed away from SEO work for so long. It’s an interesting story.)

Which isn’t to say that there’s no longer a place for SEO. (Actually, that’s exactly what the SEO expert in the article is saying. I’m just disagreeing.) SEO simply becomes a more equal player amongst other tools that are harder to manipulate. (At least for the moment.)

And the article’s whole premise further strengthens my argument that content isn’t king. It’s co-king along with great distribution which, in the digital realm, means social and PR.


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