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Browser Market Share And Why It Doesn’t Matter (But Analytics Do)

Tuesday, June 21st, 2011

We’re guilty of it – citing market share stats for various versions of various browsers. Old habits, good and bad, die hard.

And that habit is a relic of the good old days when there was no easy way to get more relevant data than general market share. So we all used that as the basis for what browsers to build for, test against, and support ongoing.

But now, not only is it easy to get that info for your site specifically, it can be had for free with tools like Google Analytics.

Even if you have no immediate plans for SEO or pay-per-click campaigns, a good analytics package makes sense. Reviewing and interpreting the data over time can help you develop a picture of your audience’s preferences and and some idea as to whether you’re meeting their needs.

You can learn whether a mobile version might make sense, whether certain pages push people off the site … in short, there’s no excuse for not tracking – and interpreting and acting on – that information.

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