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Browser and Social Media Stats – July 2012

Friday, July 27th, 2012

We’re going to provide a quarterly update on browser usage in the US since it’s a question that comes up frequently when discussing site development budgets and target browsers.

We’ll provide a variety of stats from StatCounter GlobalStats (gs.statcounter.com)

This quarter:

  • IE hangs on in the browser wars with Chrome advancing at Firefox’s expense
  • Android and iPhone are neck and neck in mobile browsing
  • Pinterest comes out of nowhere to become the #2 social media site on the interwebs.

Interesting that StumbleUpon outranks YouTube on that list of social media sites. Can’t imagine quite what they’re measuring, but  I’m not sure I’m buying it … StumbleUpon users, let’s hear what you’re doing.

[click images below for larger view]

StatCounter Browser Stats July 2012

StatCounter Mobile Browsers July 2012

StatCounter Top Social Media Sites 2012

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