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Behavioral Advertising Grows – Privacy Concerns Grow, Too

Tuesday, February 28th, 2012

If only 8% of your audience liked what you were doing, you’d probably stop, yes?

Not if you’re an advertiser using OBA, online behavioral advertising, those ads that seem to follow you around the web. (You know, you just checked out a bunch of TVs on Amazon and all of a sudden every site you go to that has advertising, seems to be advertising TVs …)

According to TRUSTe, the source of this data, OBA is “one of the fastest growing and most successful forms of advertising.

Not surprising that an overwhelming majority of consumers don’t like this form of advertising. It’s a bit creepy and intrusive. (And annoying when the ads continue for days and weeks after you’ve made the purchase or decided against buying.)

More interesting is that 52% of consumers believe that their personal information is being used in OBA even though it’s not, and that consumers’ feelings of favorability toward OBA double if they are assured their personal info is not being used. Big jump, but the jump is only to 22% favorable from 11%.

It might not be popular, but it’s hard to imagine it going away. The ability to target an interested audience is to enticing to advertisers. And I think that consumers will come around once privacy concerns are addressed. Wouldn’t you rather see ads relevant to you than ads you’re not interested in?

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