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Balancing The Content and The Marketing

Friday, February 3rd, 2012

It goes without saying that constant crowing about you, what you do, and how great you are isn’t going to make for very effective content marketing.You’ve got to provide information of value.

But you’ve also got to see a return on your investment. Achieving both means a balance between two big concepts: content and marketing.

In some cases is simple and straightforward. For example, deciding to post 4 “here’s a tip you’ll find useful” updates to your stream for every “check out our new product offering” message.

But the bigger picture is how to achieve that kind of balance with your content marketing activity overall, not on a per-item basis. All your content should provide value to your target audience, and it all should fit into your plans for realizing a return on the time and resources you’re investing.

The key there is “plan.” You will not achieve any sort of success with your content marketing if your focus is on tactics rather than a strategy.

“Let’s create a series of white papers offering our clients insights into market changes that will affect them in the coming year”


“We’ve got to be Tweeting twice a week!”

Twitter may be how you get the word out about your white papers, but you’d better know your audience and your goals before you dive in to Twitter or any other tools. Point being, you need a strategy to know that Twitter is the right channel, that white papers are a format that will resonate with your audience and that the topics you’re covering speak to their needs.

Making sure you’ve got metrics in place is an important of the strategy, too. You have to differentiate between proxy metrics, like how many times those white papers are downloaded, and business metrics like how much revenue they generate and how profitable that revenue is compared to business won other ways.

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