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Are You Using Your CMS Wrong? Ways to Get the Most Out of Your CMS

Tuesday, October 14th, 2014

I’m very excited that my first post on Anita Campbell’s Small Business Trends website is now live. Very proud to be a part of the Small Business Trends family and looking forward to contributing to their great content going forward.

This first article is about how the get the most out of your CMS, or content management system. As I say in the article, it’s usually not what your CMS let’s you do that’s important, it’s what it lets you NOT do.

Most marketers focus on the ease with which they can upload new content – something just about every CMS is really great at. But if your CMS isn’t automating how that content is used and presented, and how your audience can access that content, you’re using it wrong.

Read the full article at the Small Business Trends site.

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